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Essential Skills And Requirements For HEDIS Review Jobs

As a HEDIS abstractor (or reviewer) there are skills you should be proficient in. 

Telephone skills – you will be talking with provider offices and trying to arrange a visit to their office to review their records.  A positive attitude that respects the work involved on their end to accommodate your visit will help you get what you need. Be patient and pleasant as persistence will pay off. 

Interpersonal Skills – you will be interacting with vendor staff and provider staff. Let’s admit it is not easy to smile all day but you must be pleasant and engaged. Also, be conscientious about using your cell phone when onsite at a provider office. You are taking up space, using a computer monitor, sitting in their breakroom – don’t let them see you to playing on your phone. 

Computer skills – you will be accessing spreadsheets, faxing, e-faxing, uploading and/or downloading, emailing and submitting productivity reports as well as time sheets. No one wants their time sheet lost in cyberspace.

Medical records review skills – you need to be familiar with the HEDIS measures you are searching for. Time is valuable. Knowing exactly what you are seeking will save time. Carry cheat sheets with you. No one can remember all of the guidelines for all 88 HEDIS measures. Your employer will provide training and resources for you prior to starting your onsite visits.

Travel – as an onsite reviewer, you need to travel to the provider’s office. You need to admit when you do not have dependable transportation.  Be self-sufficient and be on time. It is very frustrating to the provider offices for you to keep rescheduling a visit to their office. Be mindful that they have made arrangements for you to have a work space, computer access, may have pulled paper charts that are stacked on their breakroom table. Offices with paper charts really want them filed back as soon as possible. The day of your visit, show up with everything you could possibly need – pens and highlighter, a couple of reams of paper, a secure means of transporting medical records, extension cord for your scanner or laptop, sweater, your business identification, and business cards if you have them.

Remember to ALWAYS protect medical records using approved HIPAA guidelines. More to come on this.

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Jane Jackson has more than  25 years experience in healthcare, including hospital-based care, home health, and managed care. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and can she be reached at Jane.Jackson@DailyDoseHQ.com. Also visit her blog, Daily Dose HQ.

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