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Get LIve Expert Answers to Medical Questions

Have you ever had a medical question but didn’t want to go to the doctor’s office? A couple years ago, this would be impossible. However, with advancement in technology nowadays, it is definitely possible. The solution is available through various websites that provide healthcare experts who are one click away. This option saves time, money, and the headache of going to the doctor’s office. Here are 6 websites that connect you with live healthcare professionals that can answer your questions.


This website allows users to talk directly with medical professionals, lawyers, and other types of experts . The website will match the user’s question to the appropriate professional in minutes. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are cheaper than going to the doctor’s office. Chat with a doctor or another medical professional right now.


This website allows the customer to choose the expert they want to speak with. Phone calls are the communication method utilized by the website. Payment is based on call length and the experts per minute rate. There is a pre-charged rate applied at the beginning of the call.


This website is free and allows members to ask questions to healthcare professionals. The website allows the questions to be answered via email, but also provides a video call option for $50.


The website allows users to ask medical questions and either get it answered for free or chat for a reasonable price. The doctors are all verified and connected based on your medical issue.


A website that allows users to ask medical questions to healthcare professionals. The website comes with a membership, with different plans for the amount of coverage desired.  Of course, more calls and chats are permitted for higher plans. The website also allows phone calls or video calls.  Additionally, emailed questions are also accepted, which may take a longer time to respond.

Rite-Aid and Walgreens

These chain pharmacies now offer 24/7 chat with pharmacists.  The service is free and is available to all patients. General questions may be asked only, nothing prescription related. For example,  you can’t ask if your prescription is ready.

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