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Certified Personal Trainer – According to the National Association of Sports Medicine, there will be a 24% growth in Personal Trainer employment opportunities over the next decade. A nurse already has the foundational anatomy and physiology knowledge to apply towards basic kinesiology. Additionally, working with people on a variety of fitness goals can be similar to the patient care goal of optimizing health and wellness. Certification requires an investment of time and money, and of course a personal commitment to spending much time in a gym!


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For the nurse who is seeking to breathe new life into an already successful career, these options will leverage the skills and talent acquired over years of nursing practice. Think big, challenge yourself, and don’t settle for less. The professional nurse can and should be represented in a variety of industries that increase pay, autonomy, and/or power. These are just a few non-traditional high-level career opportunities for nurses. If you are currently engaged in one of these roles or others, please leave a comment below or message me about your unique contributions.


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